A week today #aerospacetechweek gets underway in Toulouse! We couldn’t be more excited to be attending and to have our Civil Aviation Business Manager Phil Cole @PSC_Chob speaking on business modelling and risk modelling, hopefully see you there #avaition #technology

This great article from @Datumize reveals nine amazing ways in which data analytics are transforming airlines, what was especially interesting is the mention and use of AI systems and machine learning algorithms. #AI #ML #DataAnalytics https://blog.datumize.com/9-incredible-ways-data-analytics-is-transforming-airlines

#aerospacetechweek is just two weeks away, we are going to be in Toulouse for it and we hope to see you there too. Our very own Civil Aviation Business Manager Phil @PSC_Chob is speaking on the first day of the event. #aviation #mro

A reported £269 billion loss to the aviation industry since the pandemic began, but now it aims to bounce back as the skies are open again. Here are some very interesting insights into the future of aviation after COVID-19. #avaitionindustry #rebuild

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