AI Essentials

Aerogility is proud to present AI Essentials — the start of a series of videos exploring the current state of play in artificial intelligence (AI) and its application to real world operations. In the first three videos, we interview one of Aerogility’s chief scientific officers — Professor Nick Jennings CB FREng, Vice-Provost for Research and Enterprise and Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College London.

In episodes 4, 5 and 6, we interview Professor Michael Luck, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the UKRI CDT in Safe and Trusted Artificial Intelligence at King’s College London.


An introduction to the different types of AI

Professor Nick Jennings introduces the three types of AI and how they are applied: machine learning, autonomous systems and systems that work along side human intelligence to produce explicable decisions.


Multi-agent AI systems in a complex aviation operation

Professor Nick Jennings explores the benefits of multi-agent systems, a type of model-based AI. He explains that in real-world operations multiple AI agents can work together as a group of AI systems communicating with each other and cooperating or competing to achieve an outcome.


The benefits of multi-agent AI in real-world simulations

Professor Nick Jennings describes the benefits of the decisions and outcomes that emerge from the interactions between the agents representing different parts of an operation in a model-based, multi-agent system in real-world decision making.


How model-based AI differs from machine learning

Professor Mike Luck explores what we mean by machine learning, and how model-based AI differs from this, both in terms of the technology, and in how users can interact and understand the outputs.


The importance of safe and trusted AI

Professor Mike Luck focuses on the importance of safe and trusted AI and how to use it to support meaningful, understandable decision-making.


Using AI to model new and unforeseen events

Professor Mike Luck looks at using AI to model new and unforeseen events, and the importance of being able to do this in the constantly changing, real world.

Explore the benefits for all kinds of users

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