A complete decision support toolset

Securely accessible through a standard web browser, the Aerogility system comprises three major components:

  1. A realistic and fully configurable model of a customer’s fleet together with their sustainment or maintenance and engineering operation and supply chain.
  2. A web application for configuring and managing all aspects of the system.
  3. An SQL database handling all the configuration and simulation output data, including analytics, schedules, and model configuration parameters.
Aerogility set-up diagram

A complete model of your end-to-end operation

Aerogility allows you to quickly and accurately model the complexity of your maintenance and engineering operation using our library of aerospace and defense intelligent software agents. The resulting models incorporate all the essential features of an aviation operation:

  1. Software agents representing all the aircraft in your fleet, including their individual configurations and the operating profiles you set up.
  2. Agents representing your maintenance and engineering infrastructure – air bases, maintenance facilities, inventory stores, and specialist equipment.
  3. Agents representing your decision-makers and core processes – fleet manager, skilled personnel, inventory manager, logistics, and budget controller.

Intelligent agents for advanced modelling and simulation

Aerogility’s intelligent software agents use sophisticated artificial intelligence, enabling them to act autonomously to achieve specified goals. They are capable of both interacting with other agents and reacting to external events. As a result, they can accurately represent dynamic real-world entities such as a business unit, process, team, or individual decision-maker. This makes them a powerful tool in modeling and simulating complex systems such as aerospace operations.

Intelligent agents diagram

Scalable to your needs – from laptop to cloud

The Aerogility system can be implemented across anything from a single laptop all the way up to complex grid computing infrastructure (and everything in between). It’s designed to support the concurrent action of thousands of agents and objects. In fact, there are no software constraints on the number of what-if scenarios that can be executed.

Managing the integrity of your decision-making process

Aerogility supports rules-based security and can be fully integrated with your single sign on (SSO) system. Alternatively, we can manage user credentials with encrypted passwords and associated security policies.

System administrators have full capability to define and manage roles and all software agents are assigned owners who can manage their operating parameters. This enables you to have confidence that agents will behave accurately in what-if scenarios and complex simulations.

In addition, built in peer review enables stringent fact checking prior to agents going into operational use within the system.

Exchange data with other systems

Aerogility can be fully integrated into your current environment with our data import/export tool.

The import tool extracts data from existing systems to agent operating parameters in the model. It also supports automatic data updates – eg the operational status of an aircraft, inventory levels, or costing information.

Simulation data can be exported for further analysis to systems including:

  • Business intelligence data warehouses
  • ERP
  • Operational systems
  • And business applications such as Microsoft Excel, Project and PowerPoint
Data exchange diagram

Explore the benefits for all kinds of users

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