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Our 2021 forecast

3 Feb 2021 | News

The past 12 months defied all expectations, and not in the way that we had hoped. Last year proved how unpredictable life can be, while highlighting the necessity of preparing for the totally unexpected.

With the development of Covid-19 vaccines and the emergence of new technologies helping to control the spread of the virus, we are hopeful that soon 2021 will begin to be a year of recovery and a return to normal life, particularly for the aviation industry.

Technology has played an integral role throughout the pandemic, whether that’s enabling people to work from home using virtual meeting platforms, producing PPE with 3D printers or implementing artificial intelligence to develop effective treatments for the virus as it mutates. For the aerospace sector, cutting-edge technology will be equally vital for the recovery and rebuilding of businesses.

Later this year, we hope to see more destinations opening up and a relaxation of quarantine measures upon arrival. During this first half of 2021, airlines will be preparing to get back on their feet and bring grounded aircraft back into service. If the vaccine is rolled out widely and successfully, there will likely be a sudden resurgence of travel, meaning MRO teams will be under pressure to ensure fleets are ready to cope with a rapid increase in required capacity.

To deal with loss of staff and budget reductions across nearly all industries, which happened as a result of the crisis period, alongside the expected return to ‘normal’, businesses will be looking more than ever to streamline all areas of their business. Model-based AI technology, which Aerogility is based on, will enable teams to play out different scenarios before deciding on the most effective strategy, saving time and money, whilst optimising performance. Equally, while the uncertainty of 2020 is continuing on into this year, model-based AI software will help any business to adapt quickly to changing circumstances by automatically generating new and re-optimised schedules.

While we are optimistic that this year we will begin to see recovery and growth, it is crucial to plan for every possibility. The fight against the pandemic is not yet over and we are committed to supporting our customers through this extended period of uncertainty by continuing to develop and improve our core forecasting, planning and predictive analytics capabilities.