Aerogility news

Lost Wax (now Aerogility) to demo Aerogility in Stockholm

17 Oct 2005

Lost Wax congratulates Professor Luck and the Agentlink team on the launch of the Agentlink III Roadmap at the Agent Technology Conference in Stockholm.

The roadmap is an important element of our understanding of the major trends and technical initiatives in the development of agent-based computing. Lost Wax is committed to the commercial success of multi-agent software. We are deploying advanced multi-agent business solutions for our clients, and support for the agent community is a central part of our strategy.

Lost Wax will be demonstrating Aerogility, a multi-agent based software product, in Stockholm. Developed over the last two years through working with Rolls-Royce PLC, the product is capable of delivering real business benefit and is now being offered as a production system.

Aerogility is a decision-support tool designed to help business managers to better understand the complexities of the Aerospace aftermarket. Long-term customer care in an aftermarket that can span several decades is a key profitability driver in the Aerospace industry. Aerogility is used to analyse a large number of real-world business issues through sophisticated what-if scenarios, comparative simulations and decision-support. Aftermarket managers can evaluate different policies and business configurations and benchmark them against the key performance indicators for the organisation.

Lost Wax continues to develop the underlying multi-agent technology. We are delighted to be a member of the DTI-backed BROADEN programme, working in partnership with Rolls-Royce, EDS and a number of leading academic researchers. BROADEN is investigating the deployment of very large-scale multi-agent models over a grid computing infrastructure.

Gary Vickers, Business Development Director at Lost Wax commented, “We are very pleased with the commercial success we are achieving. We are convinced that first class R&D and the demands of clients that are world-leaders in their sector is the perfect combination for delivering substantial business benefits from multi-agent software technology.”