Implementing the Aerogility system

Aerogility is securely installed behind your corporate firewall and accessed using a standard browser. We’ll work with you to implement your system from initial model development through to systems integration.

You’ll get full training for both your business and technical teams covering every aspect of getting the best results from the platform. We can extend this to enable your development teams to work with our architecture and source code, allowing them to fully support and develop library agents and analytics in-house.

We deliver full technical support and, if required, can also provide business analysis assistance.

To ensure a smooth implementation, we recommend a two-phased approach.

Phase 1: establishing the right foundations

Phase one begins with the development of an initial model for early stakeholder review. This model is based on our library of software agents and configured to your specific requirements.

We’ll work with you to develop accurate intelligent agents whose behavior is driven by your specific operating parameters. These are the essential building blocks for your what-if scenarios and business simulations.

You can add new parameters (eg a new maintenance facility) as required and the system will change the behavior of the model, generating new KPIs and metrics, all without requiring any programming.

Phase 2: evolving the model and embedding the system

In phase two, the model is further developed based on feedback and we fully integrate the system into your environment.

Ultimately, the implementation process is determined by the number of interfaces you require and your own IT project lifecycle and governance process.

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