An introduction to Aerogility

Aerogility is a model-based AI capability that enables asset-oriented organisations to better predict, optimise and plan their response to a range of business challenges and opportunities. The range of use-cases that a single instance of Aerogility can support simultaneously is large and covers:


  • The whole asset lifecycle from concept evaluation to disposal.
  • A single small asset fleet through to multiple large fleets.
  • A single local activity through to highly collaborative enterprise-wide initiatives.

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An introduction to Aerogility

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Using Aerogility to best exploit a change in regulation

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Using Aerogility to minimise the impact of a technical issue

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Using Aerogility to prioritise and plan business improvement initiatives

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Using Aerogility to ensure growth opportunities present the best return

Explore the benefits for all kinds of users

Used by some of the world’s largest defense and civil aviation brands

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