Work through complex options before making decisions

Analyzing data and past trends is, of course, valuable, but for today’s aerospace professionals it’s what will happen in the future that’s of critical importance. That’s why Aerogility offers a powerful set of predictive scenario planning tools to help you anticipate the future and plan effective strategies to deal with it. In doing so, you can base your operational decisions on firm foundations enabling you to create the optimum support and maintenance program.

Core tools within the Aerogility system

Get this wrong and it can impact aircraft availability and overall fleet performance:

  • What-if? scenario analysis – enabling you to run accurate short- and long-term simulations of a variety of possible decisions (both operational and strategic)
  • Operational simulations – using intelligent software agents to map and reproduce the detailed demand for operational resources (wherever they are situated) and the associated costs
  • Predictive analytics – delivering detailed data covering all events over a selected period against specific KPIs
  • Complex scheduling – enabling you to resolve multiple goals and constraints in complex schedules, reducing fleet planning cycles from months to days.
  • Key performance indicators – allowing you to target and optimize critical objectives for the operation, or balance trade-offs between competing goals.
  • Enterprise decision visibility and policy decision transparency – giving you an easy, intuitive way of sharing data, forecasts, and decisions with different teams across your organization

A direct route to better decision-making

Ultimately, you’ll be able to make more robust, forward-thinking decisions leading to lower whole-life and flight-hour costs, and greater aircraft and fleet availability.


What-if? scenarios diagram

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