Assess the real-world impact of your strategy

High performance strategic planning is now a critical function across the aerospace industry. In fact, its importance continues to grow as civil airlines increasingly outsource maintenance and engineering, and defense organizations move to more performance-based contracts.

Ultimately, this means strategic planners must now plan future investments more stringently than ever, carefully assessing risks.

Dynamically simulate the future

Aerogility allows you to play out complex simulations over multi-decade timeframes. You can start with as-is operational models and introduce dynamic changes to simulate a wide range of what-if? scenarios. In doing so you can fully explore the real-world effects of various events on business-critical KPIs.

These include:

  • The impact of projected growth on the business over the next five to 25 years
  • Maintenance and engineering capacity and capabilities required to meet demand
  • Optimal global locations for facilities and inventory storage
  • Projected skilled resource requirements by skill and location
  • Analysis of return on investment and cash flow Impact of significant risks on business performance
  • The effect of resource constraints and cost increases

It means you get access to a comprehensive picture of potential scenarios based on your operation’s current real-world performance, putting you a far better position to plan the optimum route forward.

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