Understand the trade-offs before making the investment

As a finance professional today, you cannot simply focus on controlling costs and ensuring work is funded. You need to consider how to invest over the duration of the contract. More than this, you’ll also need to avoid costs related to overruns, or failures in meeting aircraft availability and fleet readiness KPIs. Often the key question is precisely when and how to invest.

Gain greater clarity on KPIs

Aerogility puts you in the driving seat, enabling you to carry out sophisticated what-if simulations covering maintenance and engineering plans, and inventory management strategies. It means you can clearly see how costs relate to financial KPIs.

You’ll get in-depth analysis covering:

  • Fixed operating costs for maintenance and engineering facilities
  • Variable costs by maintenance and engineering event
  • Overall cost of contract by period or total contract cost
  • Revenue earned
  • AOG and penalty payments, downtime costs

Ultimately, with Aerogility, you’ll be able to evaluate the most cost-effective maintenance policies, inventory management, and operational strategies for your specific needs.

Discover how Aerogility can help you make better decisions.

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