Flex all the options for a customer contract

Today, you need to bid against ever more demanding targets for availability and fleet readiness. Customers want you to show that you truly understand the full picture of what it takes to deliver. And you must be able to demonstrate that KPIs are achievable if you’re to win the business.

Back up the bid with real-world insight

Aerogility enables business development professionals to present an accurate, compelling picture of performance across the life of a proposed contract.

You’ll be able to construct powerful what-if scenarios covering all the key business units servicing your operation, including current fleets under contract. And you’ll get access to sophisticated simulations clearly demonstrating how your proposal delivers against your customer’s KPIs.

You can even use the platform to assess the viability of any specific pitch before investing too much time trying to close the business.

The result is a more robust evidence-based approach enabling both parties to explore how best to deliver the service prospective customers require.

Discover how Aerogility can help you make better decisions.

Explore the benefits for all kinds of users

Used by some of the world’s largest defense and civil aviation brands

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