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Aerogility adds new intelligent agents for civil aviation

31 Oct 2014

The Aerogility team is pleased to announce that new intelligent software agents are available to civil aviation customers.

Customers benefit from new capabilities and improved flexibility in configuring agents to meet their modeling requirements.

Our Civil Aviation Reference model is a good starting point for setting up a customer’s model and includes the new pre-configured agents. Less time and effort is required to implement the system.

Once the customer model is in place, a management team can use Aerogility analytics and planning to resolve important business decision, for example:

  • Analyze different maintenance strategies to maximize aircraft availability.
  • Project growth in capacity and weigh up the best options for new aircraft acquisition.
  • Evaluate extending service life and end-of lease decisions.
  • Generate network plans comparing profitability and operational impact of different route options.
  • Run realistic simulations showing the impact of out-of-service events on fleet availability and potential risk mitigation options.
  • Optimize inventory management policies by better alignment with predicted changes in future demand.

The new agents are now available to customers in the latest version of the Aerogility Aerospace & Defense Agent Library.

Steve Osborn, Aerogility Architect said, “We can create realistic models quickly that can handle most of the decision-support requirements for a civil airline operation. A real advantage of the multi-agent architecture is that we can offer improved versions of agents to our customers, without having to re-implement their system.”