Make better decisions across your global operations

with the world’s most advanced forecasting and planning software for aviation

Improve planning agility.

Decrease MRO costs.

Maximise yield.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and slow, cumbersome planning tools. With Aerogility’s AI-powered planning capabilities, you can:

  • Create an accurate digital model of your fleet and operation
  • Plan your optimum maintenance schedule with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Replan in minutes if circumstances change
  • And explore your options with powerful what-if scenario planning

Trusted by the world’s largest civil and defence brands

Optimize fleet planning with model-based AI

With Aerogility, you can rapidly develop comprehensive MRO schedules to maximize planning yield and minimize time-on-ground.

What’s more, because Aerogility delivers an accurate digital model of your entire operations, you can try different approaches by simply dragging and sliding individual elements.

Aerogility’s model-based AI uses intelligent agents to represent everything from aircraft and components to facilities and personnel. In doing so, it maps the many dependencies involved in modern MRO planning. It means you can be confident that your plan will deliver exactly what it says it will.

Ultimately, with Aerogility, you no longer have to settle for the best option you can manage in the time allowed. You can rapidly explore all the options to find the best option, period.

Tactical planning agility for predicted and unforeseen events

Some events you can predict, some come out of left field. With Aerogility, you can deal with both.

Get full operational forecasting and planning capabilities enabling you to gain clarity on asset availability, carry out LLP and logistics forecasting, ensure you have the spares and repair capacity you need, and undertake future workload analysis.

You can just as easily forecast and plan maintenance, whether that’s powerplant shop visits or heavy maintenance. You can schedule and optimize landing gear replacement. And you can carry out full sustainability (net-zero) forecasting.

And you can quickly and easily plan your response to unpredictable black swan event — no matter how disruptive they are to your operations.

With Aerogility, you get safe and trusted insights into planning, risk mitigation and decision-support, right across your operation.

Unparalleled strategic forecasting capabilities

Aerogility enables you to plan and forecast far into the future, optimizing your operations and mitigating risk.

From entry into service to end-of-life and end-of-lease, you can plan the entire lifecycle of your assets. Optimize upgrade strategies and new aircraft acquisitions. Run more effective upgrade and asset replacement programs. And determine how you’ll mitigate the impact of net-zero on your operations.

Manage the business impact of your MRO decisions

MRO decisions can have a direct line impact on business performance.

With Aerogility, you can forecast whole-life costs of your assets and optimize your operation. You can better understand and mitigate risk. It makes it possible to align individual budget lines and contracts — not to mention gaining a clearer picture of the depreciation of assets over their life. And you’ll be able to support cost planning through advanced what-if analyses.

Put simply, it means you’ll be able to fully support business delivery in terms of both cost and performance.

The choice of leading aviation professionals

Swaran Sidhu, Head of Fleet Technical Management, easyJet

“Aerogility has given us the ability to look into the long-term maintenance planning of our fleet with the capability to not only make a late change to the plan but at the same time understand the impact of that decision operationally and economically.”

Robin Gibbs, Services Transformation Executive, Rolls-Royce Defence

“The flexibility and ease-of-use of Aerogility gives our teams a powerful digital-twin, enabling us to deliver the effective service solutions that our customers demand with agility and confidence.”

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